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DVD are published with the highest possible resolution for best viewing in modern Widescreen TV. All DVD are published in Standard Definition ( SD ) unless requested by clients to publish in Blue-Ray High Definition Disc ( HD ). We produce all of our videos in Widescreen format that fits 16:9 Widescreen TV. We shoot all video in High Definition format to obtain better resolution.  Our productions style is Cinematic and Documentary style videos, smooth-flow movie style, without interfering or over-loading with gimmicks scenes transitions or wacky logos and animations.  The wedding coverage will be continuous throughout the night, non-stop if the video package chosen is the unlimited video package.  All dances and songs are complete from the beginning to the end.  We do not use pre-made templates from mass distributions that you find in local stores or Internet.  We custom made all of our effects and templates to better suite your video's moods and settings. Also, we can produce your video in any style and format to meet your needs.  We will recommend a certain style and it is up to the clients to choose.


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