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Our Supreme Package for wedding is $ 4,400.00.
Full story line from beginning of relationship to the wedding.  Special video production arranged in advance to create the most memorable story line.  Various locations video taping to meet the clients' theme and story line. Includes High Definition Blu-Ray Disc (s).
This includes day time attendance and evening reception attendance
on the wedding day.
- Unlimited coverage of
the morning ceremony.
- U
nlimited coverage of
the evening reception or until done.
- 2 or 3 camcorders with 1 or 2 or 3 operators.
- UHF wireless sound system.
- Music and brief introduction of bride and groom in DVD.
- Photo montage up to 40 pictures provided by clients.
- Family and friends' wishes through microphone.
- Honeymoon pictures montage at the end. 20 pictures (Optional).
- Clients provide and music and Photos by LVP photos only*.
- Long recap of the entire wedding.  About 10 minutes.
- 1
sets of DVD. Each set may contain 3 or 4 DVD, each DVD is published with highest video resolution possible and
  approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes long.  Each DVD has chapters menu. Each set comes with custom
design labels and cover. High     
 -  Some published Blu-Ray disc may come with longer video length on each disc than Standard DVD.

* Due to copyright issue, we only use photos taken by Lao Video Productions photographers. No exception

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