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Full Package Price is $ 2,700.00.
High Definition Blu-Ray Disc Included: 2 Sets

This includes day time attendance and evening reception attendance
- Up to 2 hours to cover the morning ceremony.
- Up to 8 hours to cover the evening reception or until done.
- 2 or 3 camcorders with 1 or 2 or 3 operators.
- UHF wireless sound system.
- Music and brief introduction of bride and groom in DVD.
- Photo montage up to 40 pictures provided by clients.
- Family and friends' wishes through microphone.
- Honeymoon pictures montage at the end. 20 pictures (Optional).
- Clients provide music and Photos by LVP photos  only*.
- Long recap of the entire wedding.  About 10 minutes.
- 10 sets of DVD. Each set may contain 3 or 4 DVD, each DVD is published    
   with highest video resolution possible and approximately 1 hour and 10         
   minutes long.  Each DVD has chapters menu. Each set comes with custom     
   design labels and cover.
Some published Blu-Ray disc may come with longer video length on each disc than Standard DVD.

* Due to copyright issue, we only use photos taken by Lao Video Productions photographers. No exception.


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