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Our main camcorders are Sony HDR-FX1.  These are  High Definition camcorders (1080i) 3-CCD
from Sony that take excellent video (Release DVDs are in standard definition with high detail).  This
allows us to produce the true Widescreen movie-like video best for today's Widescreen Televisions.  
The picture is amazing and the camcorders are compact for our videographers to capture your
special moments without using the full size camcorders.  Sometimes they are mounted on tripod for
stability and enhancement. Digital video and sound are recorded using Direct-To-Edit technology
which stores all data into our data storage banks. It allows us to record video continuously up to 6
hours non-stop and not missing precious moments during an event. This also minimizes the video
drop-out from video-taping and reduces the cost of operation, which we can pass along to our clients
We use Canon Professional Cameras with " L"  lenses for superior photos  quality. Our new addition includes:
Canon 1Ds-Mark III *  and 5D; both are excellent cameras  in professional photography.
For the Weddings
The sound is captured using
wireless UHF lavaliere microphone attached to the groom while attending the altar.  Additional UHF wireless microphone is used to gather wishes from family and friends during reception and other occasion.
For Special Events
The sound is captured using wireless UH F microphone system that attached directly into the main mixer output of the sound controller.

Your wedding is very important in all aspects. We give you the best possible services and quality products that last a lifetime . . . .

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Sony High Definition HDR-FX1 *
Full Specification From Canon Website:
The Canon 1Ds-Mark III*. 21.1 Mega-Pixels.  

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