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Contact Information:

Kevin *___619_572_8444__*  Please call or txt between 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. PST.

by Appointments Only.   San Diego, California Area.

Email: *__service@laovideo.com__*

Video and Photography Contract.  PDF format.         
Our Policy and Terms Of The Contract:

       1.   L.V.  Productions is granted permission to video tape and/or photograph the entire event upon the agreement of the           
        2.   L.V. Productions maintains ownership and copyright of the original footage, copies and master.  We reserve
              the right to sell,  use any of the materials for advertisement or any other purposes. Please note that the use of other  
              copyright materials  is illegal  without written consent from their perspective owners.           
         3.   L.V. Productions makes every effort  to complete the service as contracted and may extend the DVD release
             time if necessary, and can not be held  liable for acts beyond our control such as modification in original editing,
             problems with crowd control during the event, weather conditions during the event, transportation conditions to the event,
             restrictions set forth by religious organizations during the event, restriction set by the facility,  restriction set by the services or
                outside source.   In the event such service is judged unsatisfactory or should a dispute occur, L.V. Productions can not
              be held responsible for any liability in any part thereof and reserve the right to refund monies paid for our service.
4.   If the event contracted is postponed or cancelled after a deposit or final payment, payments or deposit are non-refundable.
             If  L.V. Productions cannot fulfill the service in set forth by the contract on the event date, L.V.P. will refund the deposit.   
         5.  Technology facts: L.V. Productions is not responsible for incompatibilities with  DVD players that can not play our DVD   
             releases. Due to the nature of computers and modern technology, equipment failure can occur at any time.  L.V.P.             
             Productions can not be held responsible for such problem that may arise such as equipment malfunction or interferences    
             before, during or after the event.  
         6.   50% deposit is required upon agreement of the service contract.  Event videography services are to be paid in full before          
              the event date.  For more detail,
Please Download Service Contract here.
About the Author: Video Producer and Photographer,
I am a photographer by trade for over 10 years. My background includes producing and editing digital videos, digital photo editing, computers technologies and electronics. I began taking leisure photos since 1984 then moved to Special Events Photography. My photography styles include but not limited to Traditional, Candid and Photojournalism. I began studying Electrical Engineer and ended up with Computer Science Degree (BS) from San Diego State University. I possess 2 Associate Degrees and 1 Bachelor Degree. I am now working as a I.T. System Engineer for a Hotel Chain in San Diego; photography and video productions are my other jobs. I like beautiful art-works and photos. My inspirations come from various artists and the people around me. I am always open for new ideas and suggestions. I enjoy working with people and have fun doing it. You will find that I am very easy to work with and all my works are dedicated to my clients. Kevin Vilay. B.S.C.S.

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